Sweet sixteen packs

Sweet packs?

Sweet sixteen packs are a set of five merino 16 micron colours. The coordinated colors are 20 grams each. They are in a clear 100 gram packs. This luxury merino wool is extremely soft and loft. Furthermore, you can spun sweet sixteen . These packs makes beautiful yarn. Besides, it’s as soft as cashmere and half the price. Felters and nuno felters will absolutely love the texture and finess of these fibers. These sweet sixteen packs are fantastic to work with. You can use sixteen packs for wet and dry felting. It is also a great fibre for jewelry making. When you need fine details are important in a three dimensional contructions.

What’s it made of?


You may be asking yourself sixteen packs what’s it made of. It’s selected 16 microns of merino fibres from Australia and South America. The animals are not mulesing and the dye has the Oeko-Tex certification.


Sweet Uses

Sweet sixteen packs are excellent in nuno felting in two dimensional fabric making with silk 2.8 to 2.5 momies because of the the finess of the fibre. It laminates perfectly with silk. There are 10 packs available in 100 gram packs. It’s a little pleasure to work with with the fingers.


Sweet sixteen packs

Golden Brown



Sweet sixteen packs

Blue Grey


Sweet sixteen packs


Sweet sixteen packs

Pastel cold

Sweet sixteen packs

Pastel warm