Scandinavian C1 batt a perfect wool

Scandinavian C1 batt

Firstly, this is Scandinavian C1 batt made with Pelsull wool. Moreover, Pelsull has an inner and outer wool. This caracteristic however has a contrast of physical qualities. The C1 outer wool is long, glossy and tough.  In contrast, the inner Scandinavian C1 batt is fine, soft and insulating which provides a high resistance to cold.  Scandinavian wool is between 30 to 33 microns.  Secondly, It is a kind of fibre that is soft, crispy with high bulk. This batt also has many other caracteristis. Thirdly, It is strong, glossy, elastic and very resistant to wear. Fourthly, it has a lasting appearance even after long-term use and multiple washes. Most importantly, Scandinavian C1 Batt is non-pilling and as a result, the creations you make with C1 will last as it has a long term wear and can be worn often.


This C1 is ideal for needle felting, wet felting and spinning. Beside,  you can create murals, carpets, boots, slippers, and bird houses. It can also be used for molding objects. It is perfect for durable wear. It can also be used to make a shelter for pets.  As a result of Scandinavian Batt fibre caracteristics, for example, Vikings used it for their clothing to survive extreme cold with this type of wool.  The long fibre lets the felt breath while the short fibre insulates. It  felts rapidly and is very solid to make very strong bags. This product can be integrated with Bergschaft from Austria Bergschaf Wool, Bergschaft Maori maori bergschaft wool and Maori wool Maori woolblends from 28 to 30 microns. In conclusion, this wool is versatile.  You can kettle dye H Dupont dyes to suit your needs.  In brief, it’s a great wool that’s not too expensive.