Sailorman yarn

Sailorman yarn

It is a pure vegan yarn!


It is made of premium 100%  Cotton long fibers. In comparison to recycled cotton, it is super soft texture, the colors are stable and it resists fading.
Length: about 220 meters for 100 g / 240 yards per 3.5 oz.


Sailorman yarn has a very soft feel.
It is energizing.
Its bright colours enhance the beauty of pure cotton. For sensitive skin, this product ahs no harmful chemicals.


Not only is this yarn ideal for clothing items and home décor projects but also for creating fashion jewellery. It is also used for various applications like great crafty projects and accessories. We call it also ribbon yarn because of its tubular form and woven flat.  Find you skein of choice in 24 colours to make muso bags, summer vests or sweaters, dresses, beanies or shawls all year long.  You can use this products in crocheting, knitting and macrame.



If you need warmth, you can use as an alternative Piuma yarn