Pre-felt thin wool fabric

Pre-felt thin wool fabric – 100% Merino 19 micron 150 cm wide

This pre-felt thin fabric is 100% Australian Merino Wool. It is produced in Europe by needle felting the fibers into a sheet of 150 cm wide.
This pre-felt is wonderful for making felted garments, scarves and shawls where “next to the skin” soft is oh so important. This product is great in wet felting and needle felting.

This pre-felt thin which is felted a little bit more can be used for precise wet felting designs. The edges are more defined. You can cut out distinctive shapes for felt inlays and overlays.

  • By the meter or smaller increments
  • 19 Micron (dreamy soft!!)
  • 150 cm Wide (about. 59″ wide)
  • 140 grams per meter (= a little less than 5 oz per yard
  • Shrinkage up to 50%

    SIZES of Pre-felt thin — 
    Smaller sizes may be most suitable for needle felting projects such as for clothing and accessories of smaller sculptures.
    Medium sizes are great for piecing into to wet felting projects and inlays.
    Larger sizes are great for wearables.
    *During busy times, custom cuts of yardage may add 1 day to shipping.

    *The weight of this pre-felt thin is perfect for a base in wet felted pictures, but may not be suitable as a base for purely needle felted pictures.  If your picture will only be needle felted, we suggest our PFX prefelt batts (which are also great for wet felting a thicker/sturdier base).

Use pre-felt thin in natural skin tones to make your dolls more lifelike and it does not make a fuzzy surface! You can cut strips of pre-fet thin with a rotary cutter and overlap on silk chiffon 6 mm.