Mulberry silk laps AA 1 is layered in a unique way. That is to say, multiple silk cocoons one on top of each other. This piles up to make a thin batt of silk.

There are different kinds of Mulberry silk laps but the best on is AA 1. For example, we use first grade coccons to make mulberry silk. This product  has no knots or debry. Besides it has an excellent shine. Mulberry silk laps AA 1 comes in 1 ro 1.5 meters wide. Most importantly, layers are pulled on a frame. For example, this fibre has multi layered silk. Likewise, we use Mulberry silk laps AA1 in different textile projects. Like laminating wool with inclusions of silk like the nuno technique. You can apply . On the other hand, this silk can be used to spin, knit , felt. However it’s possible to dye these silk laps as you see our pictures.

Likewise, you can strech this silk in many directions to create spider webs. Surprisingly Mulberry silk laps is very strong. Iif you want to cut it you would need sissors used for first aid kits to cut it. We have kits of pre felts Pre-felt thin wool fabric. Mulberry silk laps create a prefelt that has the shine of silk. You can also use a course wool like the 21 micron merino roving. For example, 21 micron merino roving integrated with mulberry silk laps will make a stronger felt. Most importantly, some artisans use this silk to création shawls and use it both sides of the wool or prefelt. However, if you use of warm it helps to keep the shine. The look of the delicate surface desigh during the felting process. In conclusion it is a pure joy to work with silk mulberry silk laps.