Mulberry AA silk


These beautiful pictures are mulberry AA silk.  These silk fibers are hand dyed and are sold by the skein of 100 grams. Artgus Studio sells it wholesale.  We can customize the colours for you because it is hand dyed.

Silk roving

This product is a silk sliver. You may need a carded mulberry silk. If that is the case have a look at this product. MULBERRY SILK LAPS AA 1

Silk uses

It can be used to decorate clothing and it makes shinny little lines on felt especially the mulberry. It is one of the softest fibres and has less than 14 micron. This is the best fibre to make silk fusion with textile medium. Once laminated you can do nuno felting on pre felt. We usually have on hand warm and cold colors.

Ces belles fibres sont teint à la main et vendu en échevaux de 100 grammes.