Merino (SA) 25-26 micron

Merino (SA) 25-26 micron wool fiber

Firstly, Merino (SA) 25-26 micron is 100% virgin wool top roving made in South America. Further, this merino is a blend created for Artgus Studio. Most important, it is composed with 80% merino and 20% corriedale wool and the staple is 4 and a half inches long. This wool is medium fine.


Secondly, we work with local farmers. This merino is carefully washed, dyed and combed. It is ideal to weave, spin and felt. Many spinners and felters have said that it is a great wool to create 2d and 3d textile constructions. Thirdly, many felters are using Merino (SA) 25-26 micron as hair with polymer clay like Cernit to make dolls. Besides, this wool is perfect for wet felting, needle felting and giant knitting. It is a versatile roving available in many colours.

Other facts

It is to be noted that this wool can also be transformed into a yarn. We can use this yarn to knit different textile projects. Some like to use it directly as a yarn to make giant knitting and cat caves. The fact that this wool has a higher micronage it gives more strengh to sculptural shapes. One more thing that you should know. Since we are working with small farms in South America this Merino (SA) 25-26 micron is not expensive to purchase.

Fair trade

Furthermore, by purchasing this wool we help these people to produce a fleece as a primary ressource of great quality. We help their economy! This Merino (SA) 25-26 micron product is Oeko-tex standard and muslesin free which means that they are well cared for and are not harmed during the whole process of shaving their wool. Most people who have tried it love the fact that you can do many things with it. Merino (SA) is perfect to be used for in teaching in schools.