Merino-mo batts

Merino-mo batts

Merino-mo batts are a blend of fibres that we have produced.  It’s composed of 18 to 23 micron merino wool (18 micron carded merino wool)with 24-25 micron baby mohair.

How batts produced

These batts are  hand carded to shades of different coloured art batts.  It’s about 4 to 5 inches long and each pack is 100 grams or 20 grams x 5 shades.

Uses of merino-mo

This is perfect to make felted hats, 3D sculptures and it’s easy to spin to make yarn. It can also be used to make rolags using a blending board. Merino-mo shades of each batt may have very slight differences because it’s hand carded.