merino felted pebble

Merino felted pebbles what is it?

These are merino felted pebble. They are made of 19 micron merino and silk plus other things. Nath makes them by hand with merino, silk and odds and ends of other fibres.  Then she felts it so that it becomes very firm.This material varies in size from half and inch to an inch and a half ( 1 to 4 cm).  The colours vary depending on what is available.


You can integrate these pebbles in jewelry making, bracelets, necklaces and buttons, it can be used in an inclusion in felt, hairpins. You could handbroder with it. It can also be integrated in pre felt thick or thin.

How is it sold?

We sell it by the kilo or per gram and you can request colours.

Voici des gallets feutrés.  Ils varient en grandeur de 1 à 4 cm. On peut les utiliser pour des bijoux, des bracelets, des colliers et des boutons. il est possible de les intégrer au prefeutre, de laire des incrustrations dans le processus de feutre mouillé.