Merino accent 24 micron

What is it?

Merino accent 24 micron is a wool that is hand painted. It is 5 grams per meter. In other words, these fibres have wonderful multi-colored hues. It has in a range of shades with contrasting colours. Similarly, on the market we call this kind of painted wool space dyed.

How do they produce merino accent?

One way to make this merino accent 24 micron fibre is to dip it in small jars of liquid pigments of acid dyes. As well, the merino accent is painted by hand with a pipet or a soft brush and the dyes are applied. Another fiber that is simular but has different hues is the merino 19 micron tempera.  Here is the link to have  look.

Merino 19 micron tempera

Merino accent 24 micron what can you do with it?

It’s perfect to add accents to felted landscape projects. Use this type of wool in needle felting and wet felting. Spinners like it to blend soft fine artistic yarns. We invite you to have fun and explore the varied colours to create amazing fibre paintings with our merino accent.

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  1. Toos Omtzigt says:

    I have 2020 price list for your products and I am checking to find out if these prices are still good. I would like to place an order in a couple of weeks (or sooner) and am hoping to do a big order for a few people in our fibres guild.

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