Cernit Polymer clay sold wholesale in Canada

Cernit polymer clay


To begin with, Cernit is a remarquable polymer clay on the market. Artgus Studio are importers of Cernit polymer clay.  In addition we distribute products from the Clay and Paint factory in Belgium. The Clay & Paint Factory.

Artgus studio imports this product wholesale. As a result, we sell to retail stores and artists. In fact, you are welcome to open a wholesale account with us. Generally, we will sell it to you at the wholesale price.  In short, If you sell retail, and you need this product please complete the contact us form.

If you need Cernit at the retail level reach out to Wendy at


You can use Cernit polymer clay for 8 years. Furthermore, you can make decorative items such as jewellery (earrings, bracelets, pendants…), figurines, accessories, miniature food or even for customisation and restoration of furnitures and modeling.

Chemical reactions.

Cernit polymer clay contains pvc and a plasticizer. However, hardening only occurs during baking.  Therefore, Cernit polymer clay must be kept away from heat sources.  It will start to harden around 110 C.  


In conclusion, we have said before that Artgus Studio imports and distributes products from the Clay and Paint factory.  For example, we wholesale H dupont dyes H Dupont dyes. We also have the Darwi collection, Arasilk dyes, and all the accessories from Belgium. Obviously, if you need these products and want to pay wholesale, reach out to us by e-mail or by phone!


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