Cap merino wool


Artgus Studio sells Cap merino wool exclusively wholesale.  If you need good quantities of this fibre in a range of colours we can help you.  We sell it in 100 gr, 250 gr, 500 gr and by the kilo.

Cap merino Batt

Cap Kap merino wool  is different from other merino wools.  In other words, this fiber is a carded batt with short hairs.  Compared to 19 micron merino roving , 19 micron merino and 19 micron merino new house colours which is however a combed roving wool fiber.

Uses of merino Cap

The texture of this batt is fluffy and soft. This wool makes a strong felt.  It is ideal to construct jewelry, hats and all kinds of 3D structural shapes. For jewelry making, this wool can be combined with 16 micron merino 16 micron merino an extra fine merino roving! and all of our pre felts Pre-felt thin wool fabricPre felt extra thin house colours, Regular pre felt house coloursMerino silk pre felt and Two sided pre felt house colours .