Books on felting and wet felting

The following book was written by Carolyn Parks.

Are you interested in learning how to create your own artwork through the process of wet felting? If you are new to this art form, then this is the perfect book for you!

Paint with wool Carolyn Parks

What’s in the book!

Carolyn Parks takes you through ‘mini exercises’ and one main project to introduce you to wool painting. You CAN do it – Create art. Have fun!




How to order!

If you would like to get this book please visite Carolyn’s site:


A book from Europe!

The following book is produced by Ellen Bakker a dutch felter, graphic designer and web designer.  We sell her books in Canada and the USA.

Book felting is for me

Felting for me

Her first book is called Felting is for me:

Felting for me is… is a colourful and inspiring book in which 93 felt artists from the Netherlands and Belgium display their special skills and explain what makes felting so special for them.

With over 500 coloured images and an attractive design, this is a book in which you will continuously discover new felt applications, varying from practical appliances to large three-dimensional art objects, set in soft earthen tones or in an explosion of colour.

Felting for me is . . .


  • Size 165×165 mm
  • Hardcover
  • 500 images
  • 93 artists
  • 192 pages
Felt passion

Felt passion


Her second book is Felt passion:

Following the enthusiastic reception of the earlier publication Felting for me is… in which felt artists from the Netherlands and Belgium displayed their most beautiful work, now follows an inspiring sequel: FeltPassion.

This time, artists living or born in German-speaking countries display their most recent, high-level works of felt art and briefly explain their passion for felt.

An image of each participant is presented, along with a web address or e-mail address, to make it easier to find more information about them and their work.

With over 750 coloured photographs, the book offers a feast in colours, shapes and inspiration. Objects, clothing, wall tapestries, interiors, figures and much more; the applications of felt are endless. Because there are no boundaries to felting!

Since the size of the book grew to 210x210mm, the over 750 photographs have become even more appealing.

FeltPassion is a collaboration between:

  • Ellen Bakker (Textile-link, the Netherlands)
  • Ricarda Aßmann (Germany)


  • Hardcover
  • Large size: 210×210 mm
  • 192 pages
  • 95 artists
  • 750 images


textile is alive

Textile is alive


Her third is Textile is alive:

Textile is Alive! is a large, colourful book full of inspiring textile art and extraordinary handiwork from the Netherlands and Belgium.

More than 250 artists, designers and handwork specialists with a passion for textile show their art objects, jewels, interior design pieces, clothing (accessories), experiments and other textile displays in 1500 coloured images and briefly say something about themselves and their work.

An inspiring book in which all sorts of techniques are presented, including embroidering, knitting, crocheting, dyeing/printing, felting, knotting, sewing, punching, weaving, (art)quilting, mixed media and other (new) techniques.

Textile is Alive!

  • Large size 235×235 mm
  • Hardcover
  • 1500 images
  • 250 artists
  • 192 pages



Textile art around the world

The fourth book is Textile art around the world:

In this latest edition we travel through the surprising and colourful world of textile art. Over 800 photographs display the most beautiful work of 160 artists from across the globe. This is a unique collection of a great variety of worldwide textile art joined in one book.

Make your acquaintance with the many facets of textile art and allow yourself to be inspired by fairy-tale embroidery, robust twine works, art to wear, fine and coarse crocheting, felting in an explosion of colour or in subdued natural shades, innovative mixed media, weaving works with a message, tough-looking knit-works, quilts that make you smile . . . the possibilities with textile know no boundaries.

‘TextileArt around the world’ is the international sequel to ‘Textile is alive!’, which is an earlier publication displaying works from Dutch and Belgian textile artists.

Each page is a new introduction to an artist. Besides many images of textile art, you will also find a portrait photograph, the web address, country of origin and applied techniques. The artist also tells you in a few words what textile means to him/her. Due to the international character of the book, the text is in three languages: English, German and Dutch.

TextileArt around the world

  • Vertical format 280×210 mm
  • Hardcover
  • Over 800 images
  • 160 artists
  • 168 pages
  • Trilingual edition (English, Dutch, German)

World colours of felt


Her latest book is called Color of felt:

The long-awaited edition ‘Worldwide colours of felt’ is out now!

Right until the very last moment, felt artists from across the world have sent in their most recent image material of extraordinary works of felt. Thanks to all these reactions, we were able to compose a diverse and inspirational book, with works from artists out of over 40 nations.

The theme in this new edition of Textile-link is colour, which is apparent from the title. Extraordinary about this latest book is the division into ten different colour chapters.

Each chapter starts with a personal story in which an artist explains about her favourite colour.

Colour will affect you, be it at home, out in the street, in nature, while going about every day activities. Colour will add expression to your mood, it will make you happy, offer solace, calm you down, inspire you… Over 500 participants display their work in the chapters purple, pink, red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, blue, black-white-grey and natural/unpainted.

This extraordinary book project contains utensils, jewels, hats, shoes, slippers, toys, figures, tapestries… too many to sum up. Over 800 images are accompanied by portrait photographs of the artists and their web address or social media link.

Worldwide colours of felt

  • Vertical format 280×210 mm
  • Hardcover
  • Over 800 images
  • Over 500 artists
  • 168 pages
  • Trilingual edition (English, Dutch, German)