Artgus Studio inc


Artgus Studio inc.

Artgus Studio inc 

Artgus Studio inc is a Canadian importer and exporter of fibres, textile products, fabric, yarns, tools and equipment from around the world. We sell wholesale to stores, artisans, and designers who use fibers in felting spinning and weaving.

We distribute these products in Canada and the USA. The owners are Nathalie Ethier and Ken Hutchison.

Artgus Studio inc products!

We import 14 micron merino, 16 and 19 micron merino wool tops that can be used for wet and dry felting and spinning. We have about 200 colors. Our business imports 18 micron carded merino wool batts in 80 colors, blends of corriedale and coopworth wools called maori.  This product is perfect for needdle felting and surface 3D. We have Bergschaft, vegetable fibers like hemp, linen, cotton, bamboo and banana top and banana silk (rayon) in 80 colors, tussah, eri, muga, and mulberry silk, silk cocoons, sari silk fibres. We also sell Silk  fabric, felting equipment, Cernit polymer clay , H dupont dyes and Eucalan soap.

All of our products are Oeko-tex certified and have organic based dyes and all animals were not harmed during the wool sheering process.


How to reach us!

You can reach us by e-mail at or by phone 514-977-7987. We only have an online store, Orders can be made on our e-mail or by phone. 

Hope to see you or hear from you soon.

Brother drum carder
Brother drum carder
H dupont dyes
H dupont dyes
Clover needle craft
Clover needle craft
Eucalan soap
Eucalan soap
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6 Responses to Artgus Studio inc

  1. Michèle Kéroack says:

    Merci Nathalie pour le fructueux avant-midi passé en ta compagnie. Tu as démystifié ma machine Embellisher, tu m’as donné une foule de trucs et techniques, tu as été généreuse et de ton temps et de tes explications et tu as suscité dans mon imagination plein de projets. J’ai encore beaucoup à apprendre et je sais que je peux me fier sur toi pour m’aider. Mille mercis et à bientôt.

  2. Johanne Monette says:

    Bonjour à toi, je tricote des pantoufles que je feutre par la suite dans la laveuse à linge, j’utilise de la laine 100% vendu en boutique, est-ce que tu as quelques choses à me proposer comme laine. Merci.
    J’ai parler avec Louise Brissette ce week end et elle te recommande!

  3. Nichole Hardick says:

    I am a fiber artist and am interested in silk fabric for nuno felting and scarf making. I am inquiring as to how to become a custoner. I am interested in acquiring habotai, pongee, margilian, etc. You have been recommended to me by fellow artist and I would like more information on your products as well as pricing.

    Thank you.

  4. Penny Ruvinsky says:

    Where do I find your prices?

  5. Ingrid Nicolai says:

    Hi Nathalie:
    I would like to order:
    extrafine merino wool tops 19 house colours 250 g each Khaki, Jasper, Violet, wine, copper,anthracite, bordeau = 1750 g
    extra fine merinos 16 1 pack orange 100 g
    merino mix special packs combination 19 micron merino 100 g each harvest, pastel goldceramic tile, glamour, golden, purple = 600 g
    prefelt merino reg 18 micron 90 cm wide price per meter: anthracite, rust, gullgrey bordeau, copper. telephone 514 933 3779

  6. Hello,
    I am interested in more information about your Cernit clay.
    -Can you tell me what your minimum order would be as well as any terms that you -have? Also, l would like to know the prices of your clay and if you sell it in larger amounts other than just the 2 oz.?
    Also, as I have never used your product before, do you offer samples at all. I’d like to try working with the clay to see if I like it before I invest in a large order.
    Thank you in advance for any information that you can give me.
    Marnie Fawcett
    Rainbow Carousel o/a The Beaded Rose
    Bancroft, ON

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