What is it?

Angelina fibres comes from polyester fibers. Because they have glitter they are light reflective and refractive. You can blend them with other fibers to make sparkles and highlights in your work. Some of our product can be fusible and others are heat fusible meaning you need to use an iron to fuse it to your final design. The fusible fibres once heated will soften and melt with your production.

How to fuse

You can add 2 cooking sheets between the fibers. The paper does not stick to the felt. When you apply this product to a final piece you add shimmering effects. Angelina heat fusible fibres will adhere only to itself and not to others, tissus paper or fabrics. Above the temperature of 180 F (82 C) the fibres may stretch with tension at a temperature of 225 F (107 C) do to thermal shrinkage. Don’t let the product reach above 425 F (218 C). The color of the film will disapear.

How to take care of it

When you wash your creation the detergent will not affect the fibres. Some other Angelina fibres are non fusible. All kinds of handicrafts can be made and their is no limit to the imagination in adding this product. You can use it on embroidery, felting, needlework designs, yarn spinning fiber arts, knitting, weaving. It can also be used for doll hairs, fishing lures, jewelry combining with cernit polymer clay available in our website http://Cernit is a polymer clay used for modeling.. This product is not affected by ultraviolet light and will conserve it’s color. Furthermore, this product is very versatile and easy to use. It is also possible to use a small portion of non fusible to the heatable fusing fiber for special surface designs.




 Holographic  AURORA, fusible 4 INCHES LONG