To reach us

To reach us

Contact us if you are looking for information about our products, price lists, technical questions or you would like to make an order please contact Nathalie at our two e-mail addresses:

Telephone: 514-977-7987

Fax.: 450-358-4336

Our address is 33 de Bourpeuil

Mont St-Gregoire Quebec

Canada  J0J 1K0


Information for orders: We use Canada post and USPS for shipping. We accept US and Canadian credit cards, PayPal, money orders and wire transfers (Interact). When an order is received we confirm it with an invoice by e-mail.

Information pour commander: Nous utilisons Poste Canada et USPS et nous  acceptons les cartes de crédit Canadiennes et Américaines, le PayPal, les mandats de poste et les tranfers bancaires (Interact).  Nous confirmons les commandes par courriel.

34 Responses to To reach us

  1. Hello Nathalie,
    Thank you for sending out the samples of your new line of products. We’ve now had the opportunity after the hectic holiday season to take a look and view your website. We would like to place a wholesale order but had a few questions first. Could you please let us know where we can view the colours available for the dyed Hemp, Linen, Cotton & Bamboo tops as they aren’t yet on your website and I couldn’t locate the on the DHG site. I see the Ramie tops has 9 dyed colours. Could you please let us know how many colours are available in the above fibers. I look forward to your reply. Best regards, Cheryl

    • Yvonne Thomas says:

      Hello, I would love to order your ramifications and other non animal fibres for felting…the colours look fantastic. Can you tell me if they are cruelty free dyes used, please. This is really important to my business.
      Also how can I order your products.
      Thank you.
      Yvonne Thomas.

  2. j’attends toujours de vos nouvelles car certains produits m’intéresse comme les produits clover Bye Bye

  3. paul rondeau says:

    bonjour Nathalie je t envoie ce message pour notre rencontre de samedi, svp me confirmer l heure.

  4. Terry Nussey says:

    Can I purchase the upwolfing products retail in Canada? Thank you.

    • Administrator says:

      Yes you can all you need to do is get in contact with Nathalie at

      We sell in Canadian and US funds and we ship in both countries. We also have fibres of all kinds at wholesale prices.

      Send us a line


  5. Lucie Jean says:

    Vendez-vous de l’équipement pour feutrer à l’aiguille? Des aiguilles, des tapis ou brosse, etc? Est-il possible d’avoir votre listes de prix, s.v.p.? Donnez-vous des ateliers de feutrage à l’aiguille ou à l’eau à Québec ou ses environs?

  6. nathalie tremblay says:

    Allo Nathalie, J’ai pas mal d’ateliers dans les écoles en mars et j’aurai donc besoin de laine à feutrer 🙂 Je commanderais, de ta collection DHG, 1 kg de chacune des couleurs suivantes : folk, safran, passion, “bay”, cobalt et graphite. Aussi, j’aurais besoin de quelques mètres (8-10) de l’étamine italienne, celle tissée un peu plus serrée. En fait, exactement celle que je t’ai acheté l’an passé. Combien coûte-t-elle au mètre? Merci de me revenir là-dessus et passe un bon lundi 🙂

    • Michelle says:

      Bonjour Nathalie, je t’ai laissé un message sur ta boîte vocale du cellulaire concernant notre commande. Merci.

  7. Claudine says:

    Bonjour M. Ethier,

    Je viens de découvrir l’art du feutrage et j’aimerais avoir vos listes de prix car j’aimerais vous encourager plutôt que de commander aux États Unis.

    Merci d’avance,

  8. Linda Musko says:

    Hello, I am interested in purchasing the Cinnamon Maori for a project. My supplier is no longer able to get this wool. Can you please e mail the details on where I can purchase this. Thank you

  9. Gillet says:

    Faites-vous de la vente aux particuliers?
    Merci par avance.

  10. Michelle says:

    J’aimerais prendre un atelier de feutrage.Comment puis-avoir votre liste de cours?merci

  11. Joanie paterson says:

    I am a felter artisan who would like to order several colours of reg pre felt to make blankets. I have ordered from you in the past .please let me know how I can order it from your site and have it shipped to salt spring island bc where I live and work. Thanks so much .joanie

  12. Joanie paterson says:

    I want to order some pre felt as I have done in the past .thanks, joanie

  13. Maxine Whitehead says:

    I am so happy to have found a Canadian supplier! I am looking for merino/silk blended tops and also silk fabric at either 4.5 mm or 3.5 mm weight, either white or dyed. I do not see these items on you web site, but wondered if you do supply them. Thank you.

  14. Paula Mues says:

    Hi. Do you ship orders to Mexico? Thanks

  15. Carole Durand says:

    J’aimerais avoir une liste des prix: pour les produits Dupont, la soie (pongé 7) et la gutta.
    Merci à l’avance, Carole Durand

  16. Manon leblanc says:

    Si ma commande n’est pas parti on ajoute , un mètre de sand chiffon 6 , Storm chiffon 6 et white chiffon 6 .
    Et un kilo de bergschaft , white ,Brown , grey mélangé .
    Merci , Manon Leblanc

  17. Chantale Charrier says:

    Bonjour, j’aurais besoins de vos fibre pour ma boutique et confection avez vous une liste de prix? Et ou une façon de procédé pour l’achat de gros? Merci
    Chantale Charrier
    Marie Cachemire

  18. CarmenLaferriere says:

    Allo Nathalie,
    I placed an order with Judith Mueller (Kelowna BC).
    If you can add samples we talked about on the phone that would be great. (Specify for Carmen pls.)

    Thank you, merci.

  19. Klayrine cormier says:

    allô Nathalie

    Est ce que tu vend toujours des laines mérinos ??

    je ferais une commande


  20. Klayrine cormier says:

    Allô Nath

    combien de microns dois je choisir ?? j,ai combien de micron dans ma laine??


  21. Erica hartzke says:

    I am looking to place an order of various colors of merino, and silk fabric for nuno felting.
    Looking forward to getting back into felting after some Time away.

    If you could please contact me so that I can place an order

  22. Fiona Stolze says:

    Please could you send me details and pricelists for all Dupont dyes and silk fabrics. Please could you let me know what shipping to Edmonton would cost.
    Many thanks.

  23. Carolann Tebbetts says:

    Looking to purchase C1 pelsull. I’m in the US. Do you have price list?

  24. Yvonne Thomas says:

    Oops!! ramifications equals rami. Sorry.

  25. Val says:

    Can you please give me some prices on drum carders – I am considering a Brother Standard with 90 TPI The carder will be used for Alpaca, to make bats and rovings. Am I considering the correct piece of equipment?
    Kindly advise, Thanks!

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