Merino 19 micron roving

Merino 19 micron roving

What is it?

The following pictures are of Merino wool. This is a Europeen product that was dyed in Italy.  In the world you can find this type of wool in Australia, South Africa and South America mostly.

How it can be purchased!

All of these wools are available and can be purchased by the kilogram (1000 grams) by 500 grams or 250 grams a new collection called splash merino that has 100 grams in 5 colours or a variety of choices. In the USA you can purchase this by the pound or half pound or more.


This product is great for felters and spinners.  It is soft and can be used to make clothing. This type of wool is ideal for wet or dry felting and typically used for scarves and jewelry. We also use it for embelishment on surface designs.

Laine Mérino extra fine 19 microns

Les photos suivantes illustrent la laine Mérino 19 microns extra fine. Ces laines sont toutes disponibles et se vendent au kilo (1000 gr) en 500 gr, et 225 gr. Pour les prix de grossiste et d’artisan vous pouvez contacter