19 micron regular prefelt

19-micron regular prefelt

First of all, the 19-micron regular prefelt is a remarkable material crafted from strands of wool fibers. With a thickness of 19 microns, it has an exceptional level of softness. It’s the perfect material for wet, dry felting and other materials. This wool prefelt serves as a versatile medium for various creations.


Above all, the wool used in its production is carefully sourced from ethically raised sheep, ensuring the highest quality standards. Therefore,  can be used in The fabric is processed by carding equipments with merino wool, transforming it into a delicate prefelt fabric through a punched needle process. This attention to detail guarantees a consistent and uniform texture throughout the material.

Besides, the 19-micron regular prefelt finds a multitude of applications across different industries. In the realm of fashion, it can be used with margilan silk that we offer, other merino wools like 19 micron Merino packs and MULBERRY SILK LAPS AA . 1  By using different silks like margilan , pongee or chiffon …. Its fine texture lends itself to the creation of lightweight garments that offer both warmth and comfort.

Furthermore, this prefelt is a favorite among artisans and crafters who engage in felting projects. Its finely tuned thickness allows for easy manipulation and shaping, making it an ideal choice for creating intricate designs and adding texture to a variety of artistic endeavors.


Finally, whether used in fashion, art, or insulation, the 19-micron prefelt remains a prized material for its unparalleled softness, fine craftsmanship, and versatility. With its multitude of applications, particularly lamination layers,  it continues to inspire creativity and innovation in the hands of designers and artists, while providing a luxurious and comfortable experience for those who wear it.


This material is 120 cm and 140 cm wide and sold by the meter, half meter and in sheets 30cm x 24 cm



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