19 micron merino


19 micron merino is an extra fine wool from Australia and South America.  However, this wool comes from musuled free animals. The dyes are Oeko tec certified. Obviously, this wool is the perfect wool for making very fine lines in needle felting and nuno felting. Clearly, if you are going to make clothing that needs softness this merino is what you need.

Wholesale purchases of merino

This wool is imported from DHGSHOP in Italy and can be bought wholesale from Artgus Studio. We have these colours in 10 kilo bumps. So if you have a large project and need large quantities reach out to us.www.dhgshop.it http://dhgshop.it

19 micron merino

This 19 micron wool is great for felters and spinners.  Besides It is very soft and can be used to make clothing. This type of wool is ideal for wet or dry felting and typically used for scarves and jewelry. We also use it for embelishment on surface designs. 19 micron Merino packs