18 micron carded merino wool

18 micron carded merino wool.

This short fibre 18 micron carded merino wool is specifically produced for needle felting and wet felting and fast felting. It is imported from DHG in Prato Italy. These extra-short fibres agglomerate together faster than the regular roving merino.  If you make some jewelry and you want to make some cord you can rub it dry and finish it in wet felting. That way you can fuse colours or have a blend of colours.  This is made of 100% – 18 Micron Merino Wool .  The sheep that were used to produce this wool were not harmed in any way.  We care about our sheep that produces all our wools.


This felting wool is great for designers and jewellery makers because of how tight the fibres felt and how smooth they are.  This fibre is also great for making items that are close to the skin like hats, vests and coats because it is Merino it’s exceptionally soft.  They blend perfectly with nuno technique and pre felt.

The breed originated from Spain, but was developed in Australia, South Africa and South America. Today, Merinos are still regarded as having some of the finest and softest wool of any sheep.


It comes in over 30 different colors and is easily blendable. Because it is in a batt form, you don’t have to pull the fibres apart so much as you would with roving. It can also be used in a drum carder to blend the fibres together with cashmere and other luxurious fibres.

The following pictures are 18 micron carded merino wool.  They come in bats of about 85 cm (33 inches wide).  It is usually sold in 250, 500 and 1 kilo sizes.

Ces laines proviennent de laine mérinos. Elle est 18 micron.  Les nappes sont approximativement 85 cm ( 33 pouces de large).