16 micron merino an extra fine merino roving!

Our product

This is a very fine 16 micron merino wool  from DHG in Prato Italy. It is ideal for felting and spinning.  This is extra fine and it’s like working with cashmere at a lower cost. This will make a very smooth surface without hairs sticking out. You can purchase it by the pound, half pound, by the kilo, 500 grams or 250 grams. Their are 80 colors. The fibre is perfect for making fine clothing because of it’s softness and great feel on the skin. This product felts well with merino prefelts. You can use this with silk, muga, tussah, mulberry multi and banana fibres to decorate the surface design.

Cette laine très fine est de la mérion de 16 micron.  Elle se vend à la livre, la demi livre,  le kilo, 500 grammes et 250 grammes. Ce produit est aussi douce que le cashmere mais moins dispendieuse. Elle est idéal pour fabriquer des vêtements car elle est très douce. On peut le feutrer et faire du fillage.